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WW lesson 5

antic n.a playful orr funny act
attire n.cloths, especially fine and expensive cloths v.to be dressed up or to dress up
captivate v.to please greatly to win over
deft adj.quick and sure
diligent adj.working with great care and effort
eclipse n.the total or partial hiding of one heavenly body by another v.to do better than to outshine
evolve v.to develop and change gradually over time n.the changes that take place as something evolves
innate adj.having from birth
inscribe v.to write,print,or etch into as a permanent record n.the act of inscribing o what is inscribed
posture n.the way one holds one body a pose or position v.to assume a particular position
shroud n.something that covers or hides from view cloth used to to wrap a dead body before burial v.to block from sight
stifle v.to cut off from the air to hold back
tentative adj.not fully worked out or final
tranquil adj.calm peaceful n.the state of being tranquil
versatile addible to domany different things or to be used in many different ways
Created by: bella.6305