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Cold War

US History

Cold War A conflict between countries with no actual fighting
satellite a nation controlled by another country
Iron Curtain this separated the Soviet Union from the rest of Europe
Truman Doctrine gave help to Greece and Turkey to defend against communists
NATO alliance formed to help protect European countries from Communist attack
containment policy of trying to stop the spread of communism
Marshall plan US plan that gave and lent money to war- torn countries to help them rebuild
McCarthy Senator who accused people of being Communist without any evidence
superpowers United States and Soviet Union were both considered these
demilitarized zone an area of land where military are not allowed
Red Scare a time of fear of communist spies in America
Stalin cruel dictator of the Soviet Union
Arms Race competition to develop more powerful weapons
Communism government system in which the government owns all business and property
Space Race competition among countries to be the first in exploring space
Capitalism government system in which individuals own business and property
Berlin Airlift dropped food and supplies to people in east Germany.
Rosenbergs husband and wife accused and executed for being spies
Kennedy President during the Cuban Missile Crisis
Berlin German capital
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