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lms history

mrs t's 4.4 federalist, anti-federalist, and the bill of rights

Some of Baron de Montesquieu's writings were used by the anti-federalists to argue against the ratification of the US Constitution because he said that a large, national republic would lead to corruption
why did the anti-federalists demand that a bill of rights be added to the US Constitution? to protect individual freedoms from the federal government
Why does James Madison argue for a compromise of counting enslaved people as a portion of the population? southern states were more likely to ratify the constitution
a national government will unite the united states; power will be distributed among several branches; a single person will serve as chief executive and lead during crisis. Are all part of what Arguments for ratifying the US Constitution
What compromise reached at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 was that Congress became a two-house legislature
Why did Patrick Henry oppose ratifying the US Constitution? He believed that the states would surrender to much power to the federal government
What best describes a similarity between the Magna Carta and the US Constitution Both protected certain rights
The main purpose for the Federalist Papers was to put forth the case for the ratification of the Constitution
What was once a grievance against the king in the Declaration of Independence, and was later addressed in the Bill of Rights Quartering large bodies of armed troops
The primary importance of the Magna Carta was that it Limited the absolute power of the English monarchy
Federalist believed in what? while Anti-Federalists believed in what? a strong national government
Anti-Federalists believed in what? states rights
In order to get the Anti-Federalist to ratify the Constitution it was agreed to include a Bill of Rights
Created by: stallarita