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Sem 1 Post test

Final Exam Review Post Test Semester 1

What relationship exists between the literacy rate and the standard of living in Europe? The higher the literacy rate the higher the standard of living. Europe has a high standard of living and literacy rate.
What is something that the German and United Kingdom economies have in common? They are both MIXED
What are lines of latitude? lines that circle the globe east to west
Why is the country Germany densely populated? Germany has the Northern European plain which is fertile soil.
In what type of democracy is the president both the chief executive and the head of state? Presidential democracy
Large numbers of the people of Italy and Germany live in very different parts of their countries. Most of Italy's major cities are located in or near ___________, while many of Germany's major cities are closer to _______________. Coast; rivers
How does an oligarchy compare to a democracy in terms of citizen participation? Oligarchy – citizens have little to no power. Democracy - citizens can participate.
What was an important cause of the Russian Revolution of 1917? Differences in social and economic classes. Bread and peace was desired by the peasants
Because of Canada's abundance of timber, which product does Canada MOST LIKELY export? paper
Who is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the Canadian government? Prime Minister
Examining Germany's education system would help an economist evaluate which part of the country's economy? Human capital
Why would a government use a tariff rather than a quota as a trade barrier? Tax revenue for the government
Write a statement about the economic systems of Germany, Russia, and the United Kingdom. Germany - Germany - MIXED Russia – MIXED – closer to COMMAND because under the Soviet Union it was a command economy United Kingdom - MIXED
Which one is closest to a command economy? Germany, Russia, or the United Kingdom? Russia
Which one is closer to a market economy? Germany, Russia, or the United Kingdom? United Kingdom
If literacy rate increases and life expectancy increases what 2 other things would increase? GDP and Standard of Living
On a continuum from Command economy to market economy, put the countries in order. Closest to command - closest to market economy. Germany, UK, Russia - which order do they belong? Russia, Germany, UK command ------MIXED-----------Market
Which type of religion is the most widely practiced in Europe? Christianity (Roman Catholic)
Define a confederation. The central government has little power and is ruled by __________bodies of government. LOCAL which means a weak central government
One important resource in Canada is __________ timber
Which physical feature is a benefit to trade in Canada? Surrounded by water – 3 oceans, 1 river, Great Lakes
What is a benefit of the EURO, a common currency, in the European Union? There is no need to exchange currency, so it is less expensive to trade because there is no fee to exchange the currency.
Italy is debating whether to add a tariff or a quota to tennis shoes imported from the United States. Why would Italy tariff instead of a quota? Generate tax for the government
What was the environmental issue in the Ukraine? Chernobyl Nuclear accident
What is a role for Canadian citizens under a parliamentary democracy? Think about how a parliamentary democracy works in the United Kingdom. Parliamentary democracy in which citizens vote for the legislature (MPs) and the one with the most votes is asked to be PM
Why is the Canadian Shield important to Canada's economy? Mineral wealth
The British had an advantage in colonial expansion before WWI. Why? Ocean access Supreme military (NAVY)
What has free trade with NAFTA done for Canada? Increased economic activity for Canada
What happened to Germany after World War I? An economic depression
How is the prime minister chosen in a parliamentary democracy? Citizens vote for the legislature (MPs) and the one with the most votes becomes PM
Make a statement about Germany and Italy’s standard of living? Both have a relatively high standard of living.
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