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Social Studies

Chapter 4

colony a land ruled by another country
hacienda a large estate or home where sheep and cattle are raised
cash crop a crop that people grow to sell
stock part ownership in a business
royal colony ruled directly by a monarchy
legislature the lawmaking branch of government
ally a partner
pilgrim a person who makes a journey for religious reasons
self government a system of government in which people make their own laws
slavery the practice of holding people against their will and making them work with no pay
primary source a record or artifact by a person who saw or took part in an event
proprietary colony a colony owned and ruled by on person that was chosen by a king or queen
supply an amount of a good thing that is offered for sale
demand a need or desire for a good or service by people willing to pay for it
majority rule the political idea that the majority of an orginized group should have the power to make decisions for the whole group
Tisquantum Also known as Squanto a native american he was part of the Woampanaog tribe he helped the colonists find places to fish , farm and trade
La Salle A French explorer who set out to find the mouth of the mississippi river and landed in texas but found the mississippi river valley in 1684 then was later killed by his own men
pocahantas helped bring a short time of peace between the colonists and the native americans. she was also the chiefs daughter
mayflower compact an agreement that will make fair laws for the colony it also gave those who signed it self government
powhatan wars The virginia colonists took land from the native americans and they started a war. This war led king james the first to make this royal colony
jamestown Englands first permanent settlement in north America
spain was the first nation to start colonies in america
virginia made huge profits from tobacco sales in europe
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