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Ch 4 study guide

Colony A land ruled by another country
Plantation A large farm
Slavery The practice of holding people against their will and making them do work without pay
Borderlands Areas of land on or near the borders between countries, colonies, or regions
Presido A spanish fort
Hacienda A large estate or house where cattle and sheep are raised
missions A small religious settlement
raw material A resource that can be used to make a product
stock Part ownership in a buisness
cash crop a crop that people grow to sell
profit The money left over after all costs have been paid
indentured servant A person who agreed to go to america and then work for someone without pay for a length of time
legislature The lawmaking branch of a government
represent To speak for
royal colony A colony ruled directly by a monarchly
pilgrim A person who makes a journey for religious reasons
compact An agreement
self-government system of government in which people make there own laws
majority rule Majority of an organized group to have the power to make decisions for the whole group
demand A desire for a good or service by people willing to pay for it
supply An amount of good that is offered for sale
ally A partner
proprietary colony A colony owned by someone chosen by the king or queen
Created by: 24SPandya
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