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Social Studies 3

ExplorersReasons to ExploreProblemsResults & Area Explored
Columbus search for a route going West to reach Asia & promises the king and queen of Spain that he will bring back wealth, claim land and spread Christianity to the people he meets sailors became scared at sea, fight storms and hunger, finds a new continent instead of a route to Asia lands on San Salvador believing he has landed in Asia, discovers a new continent, calls the natives Indians because he believes he is in India
Vespucci wanted to prove that Columbus reached a new continent sailors became scared at sea, fight storms and hunter, finds a new continent instead of a route to Asia sails along the coast of South America, concluded that Columbus had reached a new continent, America's are named after him
Balboa explored the area of Panama sailors became scared at sea, fight storms and hunger, finds a new continent instead of a route to Asia discovers the Pacific Ocean proved Vespucci right Columbus had not reached Asia
Magellan search for a route to Asia fought storms, ships and crews were lost, sailors died of hunger, diseases and scurvy, Magellan is killed in a battle sailed through the strait of Magellan across the Pacific Ocean and around the world, 1st to sail around the world
Cortes search for gold battles with Indians conquers the Aztec civilization, claims eastern and central Mexico and California
Pizarro search for gold in South America battles with Indians conquers the Inca civilization, claims western coast of South America
De Leon looking for the Fountain of Youth killed by the Calusa Indians, never finds the Fountain of Youth explored and conquered what is today Puerto Rico, 1st Spaniard to set foot in what is today the United States, names Florida and claims are for Spain
Coronado searching for Seven Cities of Gold battles with the Indians, never finds the Cities of Gold claims southwestern North America for Spain, travels through present day states of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma to Kansas
De Soto searching for gold killed many of the Indians they met, men deserted him, found no gold, dies and is buried in the Mississippi River explored Southeastern North America and the Mississippi River, first European to see the Mississippi River
Created by: kwilson