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European Middle Ages

What was the Results of the fall of Rome ? 1] disruption of trade 2] downfall of cities 3] population shifts 4] decline of learning 5] loss of a common language
What played a key role in spreading Christianity. Politics
What were the 3 things connected to the foundation of Western Europe? 1] the classical of Rome and Greece 2]the beliefs of the Roman catholic church 3]the customs of various Germanic tribes
how long did it last? 1000 years from 500 to 1500 A.D
Who was Pepin the short? When did he die? Charlemagne's father, He died in 768.
What is Feudalism? a system of loyalties and protections based on mutual obligations
What was Feudalism a system of? governing and landholding.
What was a Manor? a lord's estate and the economic system.
what are six things a manor had? 1] Church 3] Farm land to grow crops and domesticate animals / common pasture 4] Woodland / Forest: provided wood for fueling. 5] Mill: Water powered mill for grinding grain 6] Manor house: the place where the lord and his family lived.
Who was on the top of the social class structure? and who was on the bottom? On the top of the social class structure was the king and/or the pope and on the bottom was the peasants and/or serfs
Where did The Vikings Invade from? the north
what is The largest the viking's long ships can hold? more than 300 warriors
who were the viking's? warriors , traders, farmers, and explorers. who worshiped war-like gods
Who were the Magyars and where did they attack from?? they were a group of nomadic people, and they attacked from the east
when was a boy sent off to a castle of another lord? at the age of 7
what was Chivalry? a code of conduct for knights were supposed to live their lives with the following values : bravery, honesty, respect, loyalty , compassion. Knights were asked to protect the weak and the poor. they were also expected to be courteous towards women.
knights were to fight bravely for three masters, who were those three masters? their lord, their god, and their chosen lady.
what were noble woman able to do? they could sometimes rule the land when their husbands were away from home. they could not inherit land. they were limited to activities in the home or in convents.
what were epics? long poems
what kind of boys could become knights? a boy of noble birth could train to become a knight
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