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Mary McLeod Bethune

authority the right and power to lead
debate team a team that competes by making arguments for or against an idea
depression a time when many people lose jobs and companies go out of business
diligence hard work over a long time
justice equal treatment under the law
missionary a person who helps people while teaching them about a religion
respect for and acceptance of authority believing leaders have the right to lead
segregation a system of keeping people of different races seperate
volunteer a person who helps people or groups without pay
Who taught Bethune a lot about how to teach and run a school? Lucy Craft Laney
Where did Bethune learn to argue for her ideas? On the debate team
What did Bethune want to go do in Africa? Be a missionary, but the churches would NOT let her go because she was African American
Where did Mary start a school? Daytona, Florida with only $1.50
The school needed books and desks, which are ___________. Capital resources
By 1931, the school had grown and become a ____________. College
What did Bethune start to help in communities? Clubs for African American women
President Roosevelt hired Bethune to work in _________________ a program that created jobs for teenagers and young adults. National Youth Administration
What 2 awards did Bethune receive? 1. Medal of Honor from Haiti in 1949 2. Star of Africa Award from Liberia in 1952
Mary McLeod Bethune was the first woman and African American to be honored with a ______________ in a park in Washington DC. Statue
How did Mary McLeod Bethune show diligence? She showed diligence by never giving up and working hard to build a school. When she didn't have enough money, she asked churches and clubs for help. She also baked and sold pies.
How did she show respect for and acceptance of authority? Mary showed respect for and acceptance of authority by going to meetings of leaders who wanted to help children when asked by the President.
How did the comment that a white girl made to Mary when she was a child about not being able to read influence her life? The comment influenced her life, because she became determined one day to learn how to read. She wanted to prove that determination also led her going farther in her education and opening a school for girls.
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