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Ethan SS Chap5

________________ is a sheet paper or some other method used to make a secret vote. ballot
Anything that makes a natural resource dirt or unsafe to use is called ___________________. pollution
To work at one kind of job and learn to do it well. specialize
To travel back and forth between work and home. commute
A person who offers to do something without pay. volunteer
The outward spread of urban areas. Urban sprawl
A person who is running for office in an election. candiate
To carry out a series of actions, such as running advertisements on television, displaying signs, making speeches, and talking with voters, with the goal of getting elected to office. campaign
The New England States include Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and ___________________. Vermont
The Mid-Atlantic states include New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and _________________. Delaware
____________________ and fishing have long been important industries in New England. shipping
Most New Englanders work in ______________________ industries. service
The New England region is known around the world for its top-rated ___________________ and universities. colleges
Many places in New England were founded in __________________ ______________. colonial period
On September 11,2001 two of New York City's skyscrapers at the World Trade Center were destroyed in _________________. attacks
About four out of five people in the Mid-Atlantic region live in_____________________. urban areas
Citizens gather to discuss and vote on important community issues at ___________________ ________________. town meetings
The largest state park in the United States is _____________________ __________ _______________. It is 6 million acres. Adirondack State Park
Pennsylvania ________________ ________________ is known for its communities of Amish and Mennonite farmers. Because of their religious beliefs, these groups live simply. Many wear plain clothing, do not use electricity and travel by horse and buggy. Dutch Country
_____________ is the foundation of our nation's democracy. voting
Before an election, most candidates carry out ________________ to encourage people to vote for them. campaigns
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