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Mesopotamia History

What is the meaning of 'Mesopotamia?' The land between two rivers.
What are the two bodies of water surrounding Mesopotamia? Tigris and Euphrates rivers.
What does fertile mean? What is an example of a crescent-shaped object? Fertile means rich in nutrients. A banana is an example of a crescent-shaped object.
What is the climate of their summers? It is dry and hot.
How do the people keep the crops from drying up during droughts? They store water in reservoirs during the rainy season.
Where is Mesopotamia located? In the middle eastern country, Iraq.
What are the three main resources? Grain, mud, and bronze.
What is bronze made up of? Copper and tin.
What are the two main parts of irrigation? Dikes and canals.
What did irrigation allow farmers to do? Equally distribute water from the neighboring rivers for their crops.
Irrigation was the start of job specialization due to the fact that farms grew a...? Surplus of grain.
Along with job specialization, the irrigation's surplus led to...? Government, social classes, art, and writing.
The ruler of a city-state was a...? King.
Kings were chosen as a ruler because...? The townspeople needed a strong and courages leader for when war comes.
The amount of power a king has is...? A great amount.
What did Kings oversee? Ziggurats, irrigation systems, and walls.
King Hammurabi ruled which city-state? Babylon.
Hammurabi's Code of Law was based on the phrase "an eye for an eye." What does this mean? The punishment should fit the crime.
King Hammurabi's Code of Law had a positive outcome. What was the positive outcome? The laws brought peace to the organized county.
What is polytheism? The belief of many Gods.
How many main Gods were there? Four main Gods.
What is a ziggurat? A shrine where priests worship the Gods.
What social classes honored the Gods? All of them.
Who was in charge of writing and record keeping? Scribes.
What was the style of Cuneiform? Wedge-shapes.
What records were scribes in charge of keeping? Trade, taxes, history, and religious rituals.
What were the four forms of Mesopotamian art? Ziggurats, seals, Mosaic pictures, and sculptures.
What were the three life-changing inventions Sumerians invented? The wheel, the plow, and the sail.
Created by: helena.strauch