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Chapter 14

Education and Religion

consists of the roles and norms that ensure the transmission of knowledge, values, and patterns of behavior from one generation to the next education
formal education, which involves instruction by specially trained teachers who follow officially recognized policies schooling
the schools' transmission of cultural goals that are not openly acknowledged hidden curriculum
the assignment of students to different types of educational programs tracking
schools that are funded with public money but are privately operated and run charter
the system in which a child's main education is undertaken by parents at home homeschooling
a system in which non-English-speaking students are taught in their native languages until they are proficient enough in English to attend regular classes bilingual education
anything part of the ordinary world profane
anything that is considered a part of the supernatural world sacred
a system of roles and norms that is organized around the sacred realm and that binds people together in social groups religion
an established pattern of behavior through which a group of believers experiences the sacred ritual
a new religion whose beliefs and practices differ markedly from those of the society's major religions cult
a relatively small religious organization that typically has split off from a denomination because of differences concerning beliefs sect
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