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Oklahoma History

Oklahoma History Semester Test

Under what Indian Chief did the Seminoles enjoy peace and prosperity again? John F. Brown
Why did the Choctaw decide to change tribal laws? To better deal with advances that were coming in the future
What did the Dawes Severally Act do? The dissolving of tribal ownership of land
What did the Curtis Act do? Abolished tribal courts and made everyone subject to the federal law of arkansas
What land was to be opened for the land run? The unassigned lands
Name 3 towns that were established in the land run of 1889? Oklahoma Station, Stillwater and Guthrie
What were the 3 most important crops in Oklahoma? Sorghum Cane, Cotton and Wheat
On what day and by what president was Oklahoma declared a state? On November 16, 1907 by Theodore Roosvelt
Name 3 things the Oklahoma Legislature make provisions for? Textbooks, School Districts and Towns and Cities
How did the Oklahoma Legislature try to limit the voting rights of African Americans? By passing the Jim Crow laws
In what year was the state capitol moved and to what city was it moved to? To Oklahoma City in 1910
Name 3 examples of social unrest in Oklahoma following WWI? Strikes, KKK and The Tulsa Race riot
What railroad was the first to be built in Indian territory? The Missouri-Kansas- Texas Line or Katy
Name 3 minerals that were mined in Oklahoma? Salt, lead and coal
What name was given to the black business area of Greenwood Tulsa? The Black Wall Street of America
What was the most valuable cash crop in Oklahoma in the 1920's? Cotton
Where did Oklahoman's move during the dust bowl? California
What brought the United States out of the Great Depression? Entering World War II
What led to the United States joining the war? The Japanese attack on Perarl Harbor in Hawaii
What were the two famous fighting divisions from Oklahoma? The 45th Infantry Division thunderbirds and the 90th Infantry Division Tough Ombres
What event led to the surrender of Japan? The dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagaski
What Shawnee was one of the first 7 astronauts? Leory Gordon Cooper
What was Robert S. Kerr's lasting legacies? The McCellan- Kerr Arkansas Navigation System
What was Brown vs. Board of Education? That it was unconstitutional for schools to segregate and called for schools to intergrate
In 1972 Judge Luther Bohanon gave what order? That Black Kids would be bused to whited schools
Who benefited from the title IX amendment to the civil rights act? Women
What did the 26th amendment do? Lowered the voting age from 21 to 18
Name 3 things that MAPS did to downtown Oklahoma City? State Fairgrounds, Bricktown Canal and Library Learning Center
What do the gates of time on the Oklahoma National Memorial represent? The time of the bomb blast and how so many lives were changed
What are 3 weather phenomena that have devastated our state? Tornadoes, Ice and Snow
What are the three branches of Oklahoma State Government? Executive, legislative and judicial branches
How does the Governor participate in the law making processes? By seeing all potential bills and either singing the bill into a law or vetoing it
What are the 2 catagories in Oklahoma? County and municipal
Created by: miamitchell6