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Amcient China Vocab

loess A silt-like dust that made farmland fertiale in the Huang He river vally
dikes Walls to hold back water
Oracle bone Animale bones or turtle bones carved with written characters used to try and tell the future
Pictograph Pictures that represent words or ideas
Warlords Military Rule of small states
Warring States Period A 200 year time of chaos between the Zhou dynasty and the Qin dynasty
Philosophy A set belief about the word and how to live
Ancestor Worship Practices of honoring the spirits of the dead
Filial Piety The devotion of children to their parents
Daoism An ancient Chinese philosophy that emphasizes a simple and natural existence
Standardize A set of rules that makes things more similar
Legalism The pilosophy that believes that a strong leader and legal system are needed to create social order
Cansor To ban ideas that are dangerous or offensive
Civil Service A system of government employees mainly selected for their skills and knowledge
Silk Road A network of trade routes that crossed asia,connectiong china to centeral and southwest asia
Calligraphy The art of beautiful writing
Acupuncture A theraphy that uses needles to cure sickness and stop pain
Semismometer A tool to detect earthquakes
Created by: jevans2016
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