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Chapter 8&9

The United States in World War I

Assassin An assassin is a person who kills someone for political reasons.
Alliance An alliance is an agreement between two or more nations to work together.
Communist A Communist is someone who believes in the system of government called communism.
Dogfight A dogfight is a battle that takes place in the air between enemy planes.
Ethnic Group An ethnic group is a group of people of the same culture, of the same religion, or from the same country.
Merchant Ship A merchant ship is a ship that carries goods.
Militarism Militarism is the build up of large, powerful armies and navies.
Nationalism Nationalism is a feeling of deep love and loyalty for one's nation.
Poison Gas Poison gas is a deadly chemical used in war.
Propaganda Propaganda is ideas or information that is deliberately spread to try to influence how people think or act.
Submarine A submarine is a ship that can travel underwater.
Torpedo A torpedo is a missile that is launched from a ship or a submarine and is designed to blow up when it hits its target.
Trench Warfare Trench Warfare was used to fight World War I. Trenches were long ditches dug in the earth in witch soldiers hid and attacked the enemy.
Prohibition Prohibition was the time period from 1919 until 1933 when it was illegal to manufacture, sell, drink, or ship alcoholic beverages.
Scandals A scandal occurs when a person does something that leads him or her to be publicly embarrassed.
Prosperity Prosperity is success, wealth, or good fortune in life.
Red Scarce The Red Scarce was a panic that occurred in 1919 when Americans feared that that communist might win control of the united states. It is so called because ted was a symbol of communism.
Anarchists An anarchist is a person who does not believe in any form of government.
Nativism Nativism is the fear of foreigners.
Racism Racism is a person's belief that he or she is better than other people who are not of the same race.
Executed To execute is to kill a person, by order of the government, as punishment for breaking the law.
Assembly Line An assembly line is a line of factory workers and machines used to put together a product.
Urban Urban means having to do something to do with a city.
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