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Chap. 17 Vocabulary

WSHS - C/E - Chapter 17 Vocabulary - Boyd/Tedder

internet a mass communication system of millions of networked computers and databases all over the world
world wide web operating within the internet, it allows users to interact with the billions of documents stored on computers across the net
web site a "page" on the World Wide Web that may contain text, images, audio, and video
archives files of older stories
nonpartisan free from party ties or bias
newsgroup Internet discussion forum
network a system of connected or related parts
interact to act upon on another
version a particular form or type
authoritarian a government in which on leader or group of people holds absolute power
dissident person or group that disagrees with established systems
extremist group organization that promotes ideas that are farthest from the political center
propaganda certain ideas that may involve misleading messages designed to manipulate people
contrary opposite or different
isolate to separate or keep apart
enable to make able or possible
intellectual property things that people create, such as songs, movies, books, poetry, art, and software
copyright the owner's exclusive right to control, publish, and sell an original work
revenue the income that a government collects for public use
nonetheless nevertheless, however
erode to wear away or destroy gradually
Created by: ktedder