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Final Decimal Stack

Includes everything you want to know about decimals...

What is 4.7 x 8.2? 38.54
12.5 x 3.9 = ? 48.75
Luka has 6.1 inches of string. If he uses 4.8, now how much string does Luka have? 1.3
What decimal place comes second after the decimal point? Hundredths
What is 3.2 x 7.1? 22.72
What place comes third after the decimal point? Thousandths
Delanie has practiced her violin for 6.3 minutes so far. If she practices for another hour and 5.2 minutes, how many minutes will Delanie have practiced? 71.5 minutes
Cameron has 4.3 pieces of paper to make cards for his Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, and Dad. His sister, Molly, has twice as much as he does. She needs to make some for their Aunt and Uncle, too. How much paper does Molly have? Molly has 8.6 pieces of paper
0.37 x 6.9 = ? 2.553
Azari is 10.3 years old. Her younger brother, Omar, is about half her age, or 5.1 years younger. If her older sister, Arie, is 16.2 years old, about how much older is Arie than Azari and Omar combined? Arie about 1 year older than Azari and Omar combined.
Henry is arranging a party for his birthday. He is inviting 6 other boys to come. Henry has 8.2 cups of punch that he's made so far, but each person, including himself, will want 2. How many more cups of punch does Henry need to make before the party? 5.8 cups of punch
Kavia is turning ten in about two months. She is 9.8 years old now. Her sister Kiama, is turning 13 in one month. If she is 12.9 years old now, how many years are Kavia and Kiama apart? Kavia and Kiama are 2.5 years apart
Tiana and her friend Holly are both 11.6 years old. Tiana's little sister, Megan, is 7.2 years old. Holly's younger brother, Miles, is 5.8 years old. About how much older are Tiana and Holly all together than Miles and Megan all together? about 22 years older all together
Danny is practicing his saxophone. He played for 15.3 minutes. 2.6 minutes into his practice, his friend Mitchell came. They practiced together for the almost the rest of the time. Mitchell left 3.1 minutes early. How many minutes did Mitchell practice? 9.6 minutes
Grace is going to DisneyWorld in Florida. She will take Emma, her friend, and her mom. Emma and Grace are under 13, so they get in for $156.7 each. Her mom got in for $159.8 because she is over 13. How much money in total will it cost to get into Disney? $473.2
John usually sleeps for almost half a day, or 11.6 hours. But lately, he's been losing sleep. 11.4 hours, 10.7 hours, 8.2 hours, 7.5 hours. If you can detect the pattern, how many hours of sleep will John lose next? 2.5 hours of sleep
Catrina loves baking. But she doesn't know what 1.5 is on her directions for her chocolate cake. She has 1/2 cup, 1 whole cup, and 1/4 of a cup. Which of the three cups does she have to use? 1/2 and whole cup. 1.5 = 1 and 1/2
Michael wants to plays soccer. His team starts out the season with 6 straight wins then a tie. Michael wants to win at least 14 out of 16 games played this season. If they win 4.5 more games, how many more games do they need to win to meet their goal? 3 more games. 6 and a tie or half win is 6.5. 6.5+4.5=11. 11+3=14
Piper is making Thanksgiving turkey for her family. She has 8.4 pounds of the turkey skinned already, ready to cook. If the turkey is 11 pounds, how many more pounds does Piper need to skin? 2.6 pounds
Created by: #Lillygirl