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Week 2

American History

What was the Great Transformation? When the US changed from a rural to urban society. (Agricultural to Industry)
When did the Great Transformation take place? After the Civil War
How did the US government attract settlers to the great plains? Cheap land
Why were Railroads needed on the great plains? Transport goods, crops and people
How did the Government convince Railroad companies build across the Plains? Paid in land and money
What were the main components of the Homestead Act of 1862? Gave land away -160 acres -$5 filing fee
What was the Timber Culture Act Receive 160 acres of land for free in return for planting 40 acres of trees
What was the Kinkaid Act? Cloud acquire 640 acres of land for $1 per acre if the land was "dry"
What happened to most happened to most homesteaders? They failed
What difficulties did farmers on the Plains face? Weather, insects, drought, lack of trees, isolation, low prices for crops
How did farmers respond to the difficulties? Organized cooperatives, organizations, and a political party (Populist Party)
What are some of the things the Populist Party wanted? Money backed by gold AND silver, Government ownership of railroads, wanted US Senators to be chosen by the people of the states, wanted a graduated income tax
Who did farmers blame their problems on? Government and the Railroads?
What was happening to the number of inventions during the Great Transformation? Going up a lot!
What factors allowed for industrialization? Ports, natural resources, available workers, available capital (money)
What happened to the price and availability of steel during the Great Transformation? More for less
What happened to the meat industry during this time period? Canning, refrigerated box car
What happened in the area of communication? Telegraph and telephone
Why was James Hill considered a hero during this time? Funded his own company
What conditions did most factory workers face during this time? Poor conditions, poor pay
what did many workers form as a result of poor working conditions? Labor Unions
What did Labor Unions want? increased wages, better conditions, better hours,
What tactics could Labor Unions use? Strikes and Boycotts
What tactics did owners have? Fire workers
Created by: DevynLambert