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British Acts

Sugar Act -April 1764 (First) -Indirect tax -Reduce price of imported molasses E-"No taxation without representation"/Samuel Adams&James Otis
Stamp Act -March 1765 -Direct tax -required all colonists to buy special stamped paper E-Formed Sons of Liberty? NYC for first Continental Congress- no representation in Brit. parliament
Quartering Acts (pt. 1) -May 1765 -brit. soldiers stayed in colonists homes E-refused to house them
Declaratory Act -March 1766 -Brit. Parl. had all control over colonies E-ignored the tax and celebrated
Quartering Acts (pt. 2) -1774 -stated soldiers could just walk in and stay and have food E-colonists disputed because it violated bill of rights
Townshend Acts -Spring 1767 - taxed glass, lead, tea, paint(indirect) E-Riots, boycott, Boston Massacre& tea party/ John Hancock&Sam Adams 38% less import
Intolerable Acts -March 1774 1-closed boston harbor 2-full power to Gen. Gage(martial law) 3-move smuggling trials to brit. 4-
who is the author of midnight right of paul revere ? Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
1 if by land two if by sea
what river does he cross Mystic
what town medford
Created by: charlottefisher