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Rome and archaeology


What is a primary source? Primary sources are things that survived from the time being
What does biased mean? Biased means unfairly one sided
What is an archive? An archive is a place that houses written documents
What is prehistory? Prehistory is the time before writing was invented
Name one way of dating artefacts Stratigraphy, carbon dating , pollen analysis
What is an artefact? An artefact is anything that has been made or used by people
Name at least three tools archaeologists use Trowel,brush,buckets,toothbrushes, sieves
What does AD stand for? Anno domini
What is the circus maximum? The circus maximus was the stadium for chariot racing
What was the forum? The forum was the main marketplace
What was the aqueduct? Aqueducts were bridge like structures that carried water into the city
What was the colluseum? The colluseum was the greatest amphitheater in the Roman Empire
What would men in the roman empire wear ? They wore knee-length tunics. Only men who were roman citizens could wear togas that looked like long white sheets.
What would women in the roman empire wear? They wore long white tunics called stolas and when going out the would wear a shawl called a Palla
What is a cena? The evening meal in ancient Rome
What is an insulae? An insular is a poorly built apartment block
What is an atrium? An atrium is a rectangular area in a Roman home containing a shallow pool
What is the peristylium? The peristylium was a shaded garden or patio area
Who was a patrician? Rich ruling class Romans were called patricians
What is the dole? The dole is money umeployed people get from the government
when was Julius Ceaser killed? 44bc
who were tanners? Tanners made leather from animal skin
what was the most popular pastime of Rome? chariot racing
how many people could the Cicus Maximus hold? quarter of a million people
what is a Tepidarium? a tepidarium is a warm room
what is a caldarium? a caldarium is a hot room
what is a frigidarium? a frigidarium is a cold room
what was a Ludus? a ludus was a primary school
what was a grammar school? a grammar was a secondary school
the year in wich Jesus Christ was born in is often reffered to as? year one
Created by: Emilijaa