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History Test 11-21

Roanoke and Jamestown

What would colonies provide for England? New markets.
What would England get from the colonies? Raw materials.
What raw materials would England get from the colonies? Fur, lumber, grapes, silk, and tobacco.
What did many colonists want to find? Gold, silver, and other precious metals.
What happened to the second Roanoke Colony, established in 1587? Roanoke was abandoned, and everyone had disappeared without a trace.
Why did King James back the plan of the Virginia Company to make another colony? Because England needed certain raw materials, and because he wanted to expand England's territory.
What did England give the Virginia Company? A charter.
What is a charter? A document that allows the settlement to be under the protection of the mother country.
Why did the colony of Jamestown almost die out during the first year because of its location? It was in a swampy area with lots of mosquitoes that spread diseases such as malaria.
Why did the colony of Jamestown almost die out during its first year because of the people? Many colonists had no intention of actually doing work, and instead spent the days searching for gold.
How did John Smith save Jamestown? He imposed strict rules and regulations to make sure everyone did his share of work.
What was the most important of John Smith's rules? He who works not, eats not.
Why did John Smith have to return to London? He was injured when his gunpowder exploded.
What happened when John Smith returned to London? Conditions in the colony worsened, as did relationships with Native Americans.
How did the Virginia Company prevent old colonists from leaving? Free land was offered to them.
What cash crop saved Jamestown? Tobacco.
How did Tobacco save Jamestown? Tobacco had become popular in many European countries, but it did not grow there so much, so Jamestown grew tobacco, and then imported it to England for it to be sold.
Why is the House of Burgesses a big deal? Because it marked the start of Representative Democracy in America.
What was brought to Jamestown in 1619? A boat filled with African slaves.
How were the slaves brought to Jamestown in 1619 different from slaves in later years? These slaves could earn their freedom after a number of years, but in later years they couldn't.
Who were Separatists? People who separated from England because they were being persecuted.
Why were Separatists persecuted? They practiced Christianity differently than the Church of England.
Why were Separatists called Pilgrims? Because a Pilgrim is someone who makes a religious journey.
Where did the separatists originally go? The Netherlands.
Where did the Separatists go in North America? Massachusetts.
Why were the Separatists worried, and what did they do about it? They were worried because they weren't going to be part of any colony and didn't have any rules, so they made the Mayflower Compact.
Why is the Mayflower compact historically important? It is the first document in which settlers reserved the right to govern themselves.
How did the Separatists survive their first year? With the help of the Native Americans, especially Squanto.
What did the Native Americans do to help the Pilgrims? Some gave them food, and some taught them how to plant food. They also showed the settlers how to catch eels.
What were some problems settlers encountered at Jamestown? Disease, food shortages, and freezing cold weather.
How did the "leadership" of Jamestown feel about John Smith at first? They hated him.
How did John Smith gain influence among the settlers? His persuasiveness with Powhatan likely saved the colony from attack.
What did John Smith convince Powhatan of? That the settlers were peaceful and did not intend to stay a long time.
What did John Smith refuse to trade to the local Indians? Guns.
How did John Smith act when the Powhatans refused to trade with him? Violently.
Why did Powhatan want to kill John Smith? He believed that killing John Smith would result in the eventual death of the colony.
What was the only clue as to what might have happened to the settlers at Roanoke? The word "Croatoan" was carved into a tree.
Why was John White (the leader of Roanoke) unable to return to the colony until 3 years after he had originally said he would? Because his ship was commandeered for the war with Spain.
Created by: ASKermaier