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Unit 3 Colonization

Colonization of America

Jamestown The location of the first permanent English settlement in North America.
Gold Jamestown settlers wanted to find this precious metal.
tobacco A cash crop planted by the Jamestown settlers.
St. Augustine and Santa Fe Spanish settlements established as missions.
Mississippi River The French settled along this river.
French Fur trade with the natives was common among this group of settlers.
French This group of settlers sold fur pelts to England for profit.
imported England, France, and Spain all had similar economic activities with their colonies because they all ____________ natural resources from the New World
Spain and France These two countries had a monarch that allowed very little self-government in their colonies.
English Colonies Women were responsible for chores. Children received very little education (enough to read and write) and young boys learned a trade.
Middle Passage The journey from Africa to the colonies in slaves' were subjected to cruel conditions aboard ships.
Southern Colonies Slavery was very prevalent in this region.
Indentured Servants people who agreed to work for a set period of time in exchange for having their passage to the New World paid.
French Indian War Natives fought on the side of the French in hopes of stopping the English from expanding their settlements beyond the Appalachian Mountains.
Slave Resistance working slowly, pretending to be sick, and breaking tools
New England Colonies very strict religious rules
Southern Colonies had large plantations that grew one crop
Middle Colonies grew lots of wheat
New England Colonies rocky soil and cold climate
Middle Colonies moderate climate and a lot iron
Southern Colonies warm climate and grew cash crops
Plantations tobacco, rice, cotton, and indigo were grown here
Merchantilism focused on importing
Triangular Trade the name given to the colonial trade route due to the shape the route formed.
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