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ISEE Words

All of the ISEE/SSAT words from Barron's

archaeology the study of ancient life
biology study of life
cosmology study of the universe
etymology study of word origins
genealogy study of family origins
veracity truthfulness
Malcontent a person who is rebellious
Meander to follow a winding course
Mendicant a beggar
Mettle courage and fortitude
Mimic to imitate
Mollify appease the anger/ anxiety of someone
Morose sullen and ill-tempered
Mundane ordinary
Nadir lowest point of something
Noisome having an extremely offensive smell
Obdurate stubbornly refusing to change an opinion or action
Oblique neither parallel nor at a right angle
Equivocate to lie by using ambiguous language
Ethereal extremely delicate, light, airy
Evoke to call forth
Expedite speed up
Extinct not existing anymore, died out
Facile performing with ease
Fallacy a mistaken belief
Feign to pretend
Frugal sparing with regard to money or food, cheap
Fulsome excessive, overdone praise
Garrulous excessively talkative
Gregarious fond of company
Gullible easily persuaded to believe something
Hamper To hinder; To get in the way of; To interfere with
Haughty Arrogantly superior
Heinous Utterly wicked
Hew Chop or cut with an axe, pick, or other tools
Ignoble Not honorable in purpose
Immaculate Perfectly clean
Impair Weaken or damage
Impede Hinder
Inane Silly, stupid
Incite Stir up violent behavior
Incredulous Unable to believe something
Cogent clear, logical, convincing (of an argument)
Colloquial used in ordinary conversation
Concur to agree
Console to comfort
Copious plentiful
Corporeal of or relating to a person’s body
Counterfeit fake
Credulous gullible
Defer postpone
Deplete to lessen
Deter discourage
Dexterous nimble, clever
Dilemma problem
Obstreperous noisy and difficult to control
Odious Extremely unpleasant
Opulent Luxurious or lavish
Ostracize to exclude
Palpable able to be touched or felt
Panegyric a speech written in praise for someone
Paragon a person or thing represented as a perfect example
Paramount most important
Pathos a quality that evokes pity or sadness
Perfidious untrustworthy
Peripatetic walking
Pernicious extremely harmful
Petty of little importance
Ameliorate to make better or more bearable
Anomaly something out of the ordinary; irregular
Antediluvian belonging to the time before the biblical flood.
Antithesis the opposite
Apex top or highest part of something.
Apocryphal doubtful in authenticity
Ardor passion
Assuage to lessen the intensity of, to ease
Astute assess situations or people to turn in their advantage.
Autocrat a ruler who has absolute power.
Avarice greed
Avuncular of or relating to an uncle.
Bellicose warlike.
Indelible permanent
Indolent lazy
Innocuous harmless
Intrepid fearless
Ire anger
Jocular funny
Jubilant joyful
Laudable deserving praise
Lax loose; not strict
Lexicon dictionary
Lithe graceful
Loquacious given to fluent or excessive talk
Lucid understandable, clear
Diminutive Small
Discreet Prudent, modest or unobtrusive
Discrete Separate from others
Divulge To tell
Dormant In a deep sleep
Dross Rubbish
Edible Consumable
Egress A way to leave
Elegy A poem for the dead
Empathy identification with another's situation
Engender To bring forth
Enmity a feeling of hostility
Abet to aid
Abjure to renounce, to give something up
Abstemious temperate in diet
Accede to agree to
Acquiesce to assent tacitly, to comply without protest
Acrid bitterly pungent
Adamant hard, stubborn
Affable friendly
Agile nimble, quick
Redoubtable intimidating
Regicide the act of killing a king
Repugnant offensive
Ruminate to think deeply
Sage a wise person
Sanguine 1. cheerful
Serendipity the occurrence of events by chance in a happy way
Shrewd keen
Smite strike
Solace comfort in a time of distress
Soporific inducing drowsiness or sleep
Squalid extremely dirty
Stealthy sneaky
Vex irritate, annoy
Wan pale
Wane to decrease in size
Wax to increase in size
Pied having patches of two or more colors, as a horse or bird
Pique anger
Plea an appeal, an excuse
Potent powerful
Precocious developing before others
Prim neat and trim
Protean readily taking on varied shapes
Prudent wise in practical affairs
Pugnacious combative in nature
Query a question or inquiry
Rapacious Greedy, ravenous
Raze to tear down
Submerge to put below water
Subtle mysterious, cunning
Taciturn inclined to silence
Tenacious stubborn persistent
Torpid inactive
Transient not lasting
Travail hard work
Trepidation alarm
Truculent fierce
Ubiquitous being everywhere
Unctuous smooth and greasy in texture or appearance, smug
Usurp to seize and hold without legal right
Valor courage
Veneer a thin layer of wood
verbose wordy
visage aspect
vivify quicken
zealot fanatic
zephyr a gentle breeze
Benefactor a person who gives aid especially financial aid
Benighted overcome by darkness
Benign good
Blatant loud
Blithe happy
Boon a gift
Breach (n) a break (v) to break
Cacophony a jarring sound
Candid informal, unposed
Capitulate to give up resistance
Chaff the husks of grain and grasses that are separated during threshing
Circumlocution talking in a roundabout way
Garrulous excessively talking
Hereunto to this document
Dilapidated in a state of ruin
Narrative spoken or written about connected events
Finesse refined delicacy
Cipher a code
Ornery bad tempered
Furnaces a structure in which the material can be heated
Jest done for amusement
Lattice a structures consisting of strips of metal and wood crossing each other
Awry away from the expected or proper direction
Unrequited (of a feeling, esp. love) not returned or rewarded.
Sagacity the quality of being sagacious
Prospect search for mineral deposits in a place, esp. by means of Experimental drilling and excavation
Abide accept or act in accordance
Accordance in a manner conforming with
Sagacious having or showing keen mental discernment and good judgment; shrewd
Magnanimously very generous or forgiving
Lath a thin flat strip of wood
Accordance in a manner confirming with
Imperishable enduring forever
Consternation feelings of anxiety
Invariably in every case
Dumfounded greatly amazed
Tract an area of extent
Admonish warn or reprimand someone firmly
Nitroglycerin an explosive yellow liquid
Adjoining joined with
digress to stray from the main point
coup d'etat an overthrow of a government (coo-day-ta)
Surplus an amount if something left over
Compensate make up for something unwelcome
Clamor a loud and confused noise
Deceit the action of deceiving someone
Divulge make known
Despondent in low spirits from loss of courage
Excitable responding rather too readily to something
Ingenious have solidified from lava or magma
Abhor regard with disgust
Apparition a ghost or a ghostlike image of a person
Myopic nearsightedness
Prolific producing much fruit or foliage
Nefarious wicked or criminal
Meager lacking in quantity or quality
Lackadaisical lacking enthusiasm
Irate feeling characterized by anger
Curmudgeon a bad tempered person
Created by: CandCIsee
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