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State & Local Govt

Unit 5 Batty

Fundamental Law Laws of basic and lasting importance
Initiative When voters can propose amendments or laws by getting signatures on petitions - can propose legislation
Police Power Power to safeguard the people of the State
Referendum When the voters of a state can approve legislation
Recall Procedure by which voters can remove an elected official from office before the end of their term
Line Item Veto The power of the Governor to veto one measure in a spending bill
Pardon When the Governor reduces a sentence of a criminal
Reprieve Postpones carrying out a sentence of a criminal
Precedent An example that is followed in later similar cases
Criminal Law When the state brings a case against a person accused of committing a crime
Felony A serious crime
Misdemeanor A lesser offense
Civil Law Settles disputes between parties
Grand Jury Jury that brings charges against people
Trial Information A formal charge filed by the prosecutor
Petit Jury Trial jury that actually determines the outcome of the case
Bench Jury Trial heard by judge without a jury
Warrant Court order authorizing an official action
Preliminary Hearing First step in major criminal proceeding, the judge decides if there is enough evidence to proceed
Original Jurisdiction First court to hear a case
Appellate Jurisdiction Court that can hear a case on appeal from a lower court
County States are divided in to smaller regional government
Mayor- Council Government Most likely used type of city government. It has a n elected mayor and an elected council
Strong-Mayor Government Mayor holds more power, may veto council actions
Weak -Mayor Government Mayor has less power, power is shared with council
Zoning City controls what activities can be done in different areas
Created by: Ensmingern