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Star Wars

How much do you know about all 8 star wars movies?

Who was the main character who grew up on tatioone In the first movie IV? Luke Skywalker
what 2 characters have been in every star wars movie known to date? R2 and C3PO
Chancellor palpatine executed what order in "The Revenge of the Sith"? Order 66
Who killed The emporer? Darth Vader
Who is Darth vader? Anakin Skywalker
Who does Anakin fall in love with? Padme
What Did Padme call Anakin when they were little? Annie
Who kills general Grevious? Obi-Wan
Who Kills Count Dooku? Anakin
What is the name of the bounty hunter in the kamino system? Jango fett
What can every sith lord do? Shoot lightning out of their hands
Who is the oldest jedi? Yoda
Who owns the Falcon? Han solo and Chewy
How many parceps do it go in the race? 12
Who is the only jedi with a purple lightsaber? Mace windu
What is the color of the lightsaber luke crafted? green
Who has a double sided lightsaber? Darth maul
Who did anakin say " I hate you " to when he was burning in the lava? Obi-Wan
Who was lukes sister? Leia Organa
Who is Anakins children? Luke and Leia
Who is my fav. Sith? ( Multiple choice answer on the next card) Is it Palpatine, Dooku, Vader ,or Maul
Drum roll plzzz............... Count dooku
Who is jango fetts son? Boba Fett
Whats the name of the space station that can destroy planets? The death star
What was finn? A storm Trooper
What ship did rey, finn, and bb8 ride to get off of tatoonie? The falcon
What is the order of the movies? ( which one came first )? 4,5,6,1,2,3,7,8
who is jabba the Hutt? Some fat ugly slug space gangsta
Who killed Jabba? Leia
How did Jabba die? He was choked to death
Who is my fav. jedi. ( Same as the other one )? Obi-wan, Anakin, Luke, Fisto
Drum roll plzzzzzzzzzzzzz...............poop........... Obi-wan
Where did jango and boba get there armor ideas from? Death watch
Who was the best character in Rogue one? K2-SO
What is Rogue One about? How the death star plans were stolen
What happened in the end of Rogue one? Everybody dies
Created by: Hstewart2002