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Ancient Asia

how long did the Tang dynasty rule? and who was their first ruler? 300 years / Tang Taizong
what did China develop / create / invent that was important to society? 1) Gunpowder 2) Acupuncture
what was the ranking of women during these Chinese Dynasties? they were considered less that men
what was one of the reasons the Tang dynasty fell?? because they assigned crushing taxes
Who did China overtake? Korea
What did The Tang dynasty do? they expanded the network of roads and canals started by the Sui dynasty.
which lands were the Song dynasty unable to retrieve? the northern lands lost to the nomadic tribes and the western lands lost in 751
how long did the Sui dynasty last? they lasted from 581 to 618
What are the four biggest Japanese islands called? Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu.
what did the yamato clan claim? to be Descendant from the sun Goddess Amaterasu.
where does the first mention of Japan come from? it comes from old Chinese writings of the 1st century.
who were the first emperors of Japan ? the yamato clan.
when did Japan start believing in Buddhism? and what happened to Shinto? in the mid 700's, and although they believed in Buddhism they did not give up their belief in Shinto.
what was Bushido? it was the code of the samurai or the way of the warrior
what was expected of a samurai? a samurai was expected to show reckless courage, reverence for the gods, fairness and generosity, and they were expected to know that dying honorably is more important that everything else.
who were the Shogun ? they were the leaders of the samurai, also known as the supreme general of the emperor's army.
how did Chinese ideas and culture spread throughout southeast Asia ? by trade and migration
when did the Khmer create an empire? the 800's
what helped the Khmer become prosperous? the cultivation of rice
where did Southeast Asia lie? and who lived in it? it is home to many different cultures. it lies on the most direct sea trade route.
What was Korea's biggest achievement? Korean artisans produced one of the great treasures of the Buddhist world:- thousands of large wooden blocks for printing all the Buddhist scriptures.
Who destroyed the set of blocks? the mongols
Where is Korea located? on a peninsula that juts out from the Asian mainland toward Japan.
What happened in 108 B.C? the Han empire conquered much of Korea and established a military government there.
When did the Silla gain control of the whole Korean peninsula.? In the mid 600s
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