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Unit 5

Civil War and Reconstruction

name of the Union's battle plan for victory Anaconda Plan
how was the anaconda plan to be accomplished control Mississippi, blockade ports, capture Richmond, divide and conquer the south
first real battle of the war which Confederates won Bull Run
Monitor Union ironclad ship
Merrimack Confederate ironclad ship
conscription draft
Andersonville Confederate POW camp for captured Union soldiers where the death rate was very high
13th Amendment abolished slavery in America
14th Amendment citizenship rights to freed slaves
15th Amendment suffrage for black males
Reconstruction physical and political rebuilding of the South
Freedmen's Bureau agency that assisted former slaves and poor whites in the South after the war with clothing, food, hospitals, etc
Impeach to formally charge with a crime
why was Johnson impeached he violated the Tenure of Office Act by firing Edwin Stanton his Secretary of War (and the Radical Republicans hated him)
abolotionist someone who wanted to abolish or end slavery
What did the battle of Bull Run teach both sides war would not be short or easy but it would be bloody
Where was the first Union victory of the War Fort Donelson
What was Lincoln's criticism of McClellan too cautious
Who led the Confederate troops Robert E Lee
Why did Lee turn down Lincoln's request to lead the Union loyalty to his state of Virginia
bloodiest one day battle in American history Antietam
The Emancipation Proclamation freed who slaves in the rebel states
How did Stonewall die shot, arm amputated, pneumonia set it, death
Why was the Union at Vicksburg so important allowed for Union control of the Mississippi
Turning point battle of the War Gettysburg
Who did Lincoln name as Commander of all Union forces in Oct 1863 Ulysses S. Grant
Why did Sherman engage in total warfare to bring the war to the civilian population and achieve an unconditional surrender of the South
What happened at Appomattox Courthouse Lee surrenders to Grant
What advantages did the North have over the South more food, money, factories, people, railroads
What advantages did the South have over the North homeground advantage, fighting spirit, first rate generals
Lincoln's reason in fighting the Civil War to preserve the Union
Habeas Corpus civil liberty suspended by Lincoln due to war needs
Hunley Confederate submarine
powder monkey young lads during the war who ran bags of gun powder from stores below deck to the gun crew
Elmira infamous POW camp in New York with a high death rate of captured Confederate soldiers
Clara Barton creator of the American Red Cross and responsible for the reburial of the Andersonville dead
Andrew Johnson became President after Lincoln's assassination
black codes laws that denied rights to freed slaves in the South
What did the Reconstruction Act do divided the South into 5 military districts
Was President Andrew Johnson kicked out of office no, he was acquitted in the Senate
Grant was elected President in 1868 but his administration was known for what corruption
carpetbagger northerner who went south for Reconstruction purposes and financial gain
Negatives of Reconstruction KKK, corruption of politicians, increased taxes
What was the Compromise of 1877 Presidency given to Hayes but federal troops were to leave the South
First African American US Senator Hiram Revels
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