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6th History unit 1

What are Artifacts? Human made objects that can help solve mysteries and lead to new ones
What are fossils? The remains of early life preserved in the ground
What are Primary sources Something created by person who witnessed a historical event
What are Secondary source Something written after historical event by someone who did not witness the event
Location of Mesopotamia The region between the Tigris and Euphrates river which are located in southwest Asia
Floodplain A flat land bordering the banks of water
Semiarid A climate with less than 10 inches of rain a year and has hot summers
Ancient Sumerian building materials They had a lack of resources so there only building materials that they had were mud for brick and plasters. Also used bronze
Silt I fine soil deposited by rivers. Was fertile so it was good for growing crops
Drought A period with when theres not enough rain or snow fall
Surplus It is more than they needed for themselves
Canal They carry water from the rivers to people in Fields
What is the Role of Sumerian priest They ran irrigation system. Worked at ziggurat. Said prayers and controlled surplus storage. Worked to satisfy the gods
What is a Civilization The first one was the Sumerian city states They have advanced cities, specialized workers, advanced technology, record keeping, and complex institutions
What is Polytheism Belief in many gods and goddesses
What is the Role is Sumerian gods They Looked and acted like people 4 main People thought of them a rich landowners who created humans to work for them
What are Pictographs The marks outside container, which is a symbol of a product Means "picture writing" Drew the mm on clay tablets
What is Cuneiform Wedge shaped writing The first writing system
What is Bronze A mixture of copper and tin
What Empire was created second? Babylonian Empire
What are some Assyrian empire characteristics They were cruel and we're very smart with their military strategies
What Are some Akkadian Empire characteristics They were strong fighters who like to trade
What is a Babylonian Empire characteristics Babylonian people had many difficult ideas, way of life, and set of laws.
Which civilization/empire was the first to make laws? Babylonian empire
Which civilization/empire created an advanced military system and equiptment? Assyrian Empire
What was the first empire Akkadian Empire
Which empire had the most land out of all of the empires in Mesopotamia Persian Empire
What Empire was created 3rd? Assyrian Empire
Who used bronze first? The Sumerians
What were some Assyrians achievements? They developed a new way to attack cities. Were greatly feared!
Which Empire built the earliest aquaducts? Assyrian Empire
Which Empire was the first to build battering rams Assyrian empire
What are some Babylonian acheivments Made Babylon into an important trade system. Created a postal service and built roads
What code was the basis of the Babylonian legal system The code of Hammurabi
What are some Persian empire achievements? They created many tiny kingdoms and captured the Chaldean and Babylonian empire. They also expanded to include all of Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Canaan, Egypt, India, and parts of southeastern Europe
How did the Chaldean empire fall They fell when the ruler and citizens started arguing, and got weaker. This made it easier for the Persians to attack.
Hammurabi The Babylonian ruler who wrote a set of laws
What was Hammurabi's code It included 282 laws covering business, property, and conduct toward other people
What is tribute It is what each ruler of a land had to pay to the Assyrian empire. This brought money and goods to the empires treasury.
The Fertile Crescent Is a region locatated from a curve from Mediterranean Sea through Mesopotamia to the Persian gulf.
Why was bronze used It was stronger,longer lasted longer etc
Created by: AddiLindstrom