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The Federalists __________________ the Bank of the United States. supported
In the war between Britain and France the Federalists supported _____________________ after initially declaring the US _______________________. Britain/ neutral
In the war between Britain and France the Democratic Republicans supported ____________________. France
This party supported the Jay Treaty. Federalists
James Madison and Thomas Jefferson formed the ______________ Party. Democratic Republican
Who won the election of 1800. Thomas Jefferson
The election of 1800 is significant because it was the. First peaceful transfer of political power in the history of the world
Federalists were supported by ____________________. Northerners and Bankers
Democratic Republicans were supported by ____________. Farmers/rural people/Southerners
The Democratic Republicans wanted a _____________ central government. Weak
What year was the Louisiana Purchase made?. 1803
Thomas Jefferson doubled the size of the United States with the ____________________. Louisiana Purchase
These two men were sent to explore and map the Louisiana Purchase. Lewis and Clark
Lewis and Clark's Indian guide was named _____________________. Sacajewea
The Monroe Doctrine states that the United States is not to be considered for __________________ by any European Nation. Colonization
The Monroe Doctrine establishes the United States as the protector of the ____________________ hemisphere. Western
"The United States will regard any attack on a nation in the Western Hemisphere as an attack on the United States" is a statement of the policy contained in the _________________. Monroe Doctrine
The Monroe Doctrine establishes a policy of _______________ with respect to European conflicts. Neutrality
The rapid growth of _______________ and _________________ helped speed the transport of settlers westward. Railroads and canals
Eli Whitney's invention of the ____________ led to the spread of the slavery-based cotton kingdom in the Deep South Cotton Gin
American migration into Texas led to an armed revolt against Mexican rule and a famous battle at the ___________. Alamo
The American victory in the Mexican War during the 1840s led to the acquisition of an enormous territory that included the present-day states of:. California Nevada Utah Arizona and parts of Colorado and New Mexico
The belief that it was America's ______________________ to spread from sea to sea. Manifest Destiny
The path that the Cherokee Indians were forced to take as they were removed from the east to Oklahoma is known as the:. Trail of Tears
Indians were forcibly removed from their territories and onto ___________________. Reservations
The removal of sailors from American ships who were then forced to serve for the British Navy is known as ______________. Impressment
British harassment of American ships led to which war?. The War of 1812
The _________________ opposed the War of 1812 and discussed secession of New England from the United States. Federalist Party
Which President was elected because he was considered to be a "common man". Andrew Jackson
Sectional issues dominated politics during the period from 1800-1865 and increased ___________________________. Voter participation and interest group politics
The Federalist Party disappeared after the War of 1812 and was replaced by the:. Know-Nothings and the Whigs
The Democratic Republican Party became the:. Democratic Party
The _________________ states favored tariffs because they helped business. Northern
The ___________________ states opposed tariffs because they hurt export trade. Southern
This compromise drew an east-west line through the Louisiana Purchase with slavery prohibited above the line and allowed below Missouri Compromise
In the _________________________ California entered as a free state while the new Southwestern territories acquired from Mexico would decide on their own. Compromise of 1850
The________________ repealed the Missouri Compromise line giving people in Kansas and Nebraska the choice whether to allow slavery in their states. Kansas Nebraska Act
The policy that allowed states to decide whether they were to be free or slave on their own was known as __________. Popular Sovereignty
The fighting in "Bloody Kansas" over the Kansas Nebraska Act resulted in the birth of the _______________ Party. Republican
Slave revolts in Virginia were led by ______________ and _____________. Nat Turner and Gabriel Prosser
Slave revolts led to Fugitive slave laws
The state of _______________ argued that they could nullify the Tariff of 1832. South Carolina
In the _____________ Crisis Andrew Jackson threatened to send troops to South Carolina to collect tariffs. Nullification
William Lloyd Garrison wrote:. The Liberator
Abolitionists viewed slavery as a violation of_________________. Christian principles
The movement to give equal voting rights to women is known as _______________________. Women's Suffrage
The _______________________ Declaration established the demands of women with regard to voting rights. Seneca Falls
Leading women involved in women's suffrage. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony
Northerners and Southerners in the East clashed over __________________Laws. Fugitive Slave
The British method of taking sailors from American ships and forcing them to serve on British ships. Impressment
What was a direct result of Andrew Jackson's veto of the Second Bank of the United States. Panic of 1837
Who was given the vote after the election of 1824. People without land
What group of people helped Andrew Jackson get elected in 1828. New voters who had been given voting rights despite not owning any land
Which issue led to the development of the first political parties in the U.S. The scope of national government's power
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