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Age Of Exploration

Keywords or points

Clinker-built There were overlapping boards on the side of the ships.
Lateen Triangular sails that were used to turn around quickly.
Caravel Square and triangular sails. Big strong ships. Used to bring supplies from one country to another.
Christopher Columbus An Italian sailor who discovered America.
Bartholomew Diaz The first to round the tip of Africa
Henry the navigator The first to travel beyond cape bojador
Vasco da gama The first to reach India by sea
Ferdinand Magellan First to round South America
Logbook Many sailors kept this to record important details e.g. speed
Biscuit What sailors ate on deck made from flour and saw dust
Firebox On deck where they made the food
Compass Used to tell sailors what direction to sail in
Prayers Sailors said these 2wice a day
Whipping Officers used to whip people if they disobeyed there rules
Hammocks Many sailors slept on these at night
Officers We're the people in charge of everyone on deck
Log and line Was used to count how many knots deep the sea was from where they were
Created by: Libbykelly7