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Industrial Revolutio

Industrial Revolution Time were the economy changed from agriculture to industry.
Two power sources that allowed U.S. to move toward mass production Steam engine and electricity.
What does the steam engine do? Converts heat energy to mechanical energy.
What was the transcontinental railroad? * The first railroad to cross the U.S. (E-W) * Finished 1869/1870 * Hauled huge amounts of goods * Helped by the government
Main cause of growth of cities during the industrial revolution was_______ * Work and increased pay * Newcomers from rural areas * Newcomers from other countries
What business was Andrew Carnegie involved with? Steel Industry.
What was John D Rockefeller involved with? Oil industry.
What business was Henry Ford involved with? Automobile industry.
What business was George Washington involved with? Electricity industry.
What was J.P. Morgan involved with? Banking/ Railroad industry.
What business was William Randolph Hearst involved with? Newspaper industry.
What is mass production? The manufacturing of large quantities of an item through the assembly line process.
Where did immigrants come from in the early 1900s? Eastern Europe and Asia.
What is capitalism? An economic system based on privet ownership, little government interference.
What is monopoly? An economic situation where an industry is controlled by one or a few companies.
What is entrepreneur? Someone who starts their own business at a great risk.
What is a labor union? An association of workers who bargain for wages, working conditions & benefits.
What is a labor strike? An action by people who refuse to work until their demands are met.
Why did immigrants leave their countries? Fleeing (running from) political persecution, religious persecution, looking for economic opportunity (jobs)
Life as an immigrant was______ In ghettos, rundown areas of often overcrowded apartments houses.
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