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Cold war

Was a state of political and military tension after world war 2

When was the Cold War 1947-1991
What were the names of the 2 allied superpowers? United States and the U S S R
Throughout the 1950s what did the west fear That communism would spread over Europe completely
What was the name of the longest feud that went between 1940s -1980s between the U.S and Soviet Union ( lasted at least 40 years ) Cold War
What was life like after Stalin's death?? Life was very bad. Living conditions were horrible they did not have the right to vote,have freedom of speech , and to practice a religion of choice
When did the Soviet Union come to an end?? Dec 25 1991
What happy news emerged from the meeting that took place in 1989 aboard a battleship between Gorbachev and president George W Bush THE COLD WAR WAS OVER!!!!!
Created by: Kittykat12