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Slavery in America

7th grade

slave a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them.
planter the owner of a plantation
plantation a large piece of land where one crop is planted for widespread cultivation and sale
slave codes laws that controlled slaves and denied them their basic rights
bondage state of being a slave
emancipation process of being set free
Middle Passage the leg of the triangular trade that brought slaves to the Americas
cash crops surplus crops sold for money
slave auction an arena where slaves were bought and sold
fugitive slave a slave that has escaped or ran from the master that owned them
harass subject to aggressive pressure or intimidation
enslavement the act of making a person legal property or a slave
slave trade procuring, transporting and selling of people in bondage
Grimke sisters two prominent abolitionist sisters that were raised by a wealthy plantation family in the south
Fredrick Douglass fugitive slave that became a prominent abolitionist
William Lloyd Garrison prominent New England abolitionist; wrote and published "The Liberator"
Abolitionist a person who wanted to end slavery in the U.S.
segregation separation of people that are different races
Mason-Dixon Line boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland; official boundary between the north and south
racism belief that one race is superior to another
growing seasons the amount of time that planters could grow their crops
indentured servant a person who contracted to work for someone for a certain amount of time in repayment of the passage to North America
climate prevailing weather conditions in an area
house slave a slave that worked in the plantation home as a maid/butler etc.
field slave a slave that would work in the fields of the plantation, planting and harvesting crops.
justification the act of showing something to be right or reasonable
slave manifest a list of all slaves on board a ship that was carrying slaves to the Americas.
Created by: philygrl14
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