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S.S. Test Prep

When did the stamp act occur? 1765
Who passed the stamp act? The Parliament, or British government
What did the stamp act tax? All paper goods: newspapers, calendars, playing cards, envelopes, and legal documents such as birth, death, and marriage certificates
What did the colonists do to protest? Boycotted British goods
How did the parliament react to this rebellion? They repealed the law
When did the tea act occur? 1773
What did King George lll do to start the tea act? He lowered the tax on tea
Why were the colonists mad when King George lll lowered the tax on tea? The colonists wanted the entire tax to be taken away and they did not like how the king was making money off of the taxes
When did the Boston Tea Party occur 1773
What did the colonists refuse to do? Unload the British Tea ship
What did they do after they refused? They disguised themselves as Native Americans in the Mohawks.tribe. They then dumped the chests of tea into the into the Boston.
When did the intolerable acts occur? 1773
What is the definition of "intolerable acts"? The name given by the colonists for the series of British laws
What is another name for the intolerable acts? The coercive acts
What was the intolerable acts? Punishment for the boston tea party
How many intolerable acts are there? 4
What are the intolerable acts Boston Port Bill Act, The Massachusetts Government Act, The Administration of Justice Act, ane The Quartering Act
What did the Boson Pot Bill Act take away? The parliament took away the boston harbor
How did it affect th colonist? The colonists couldn't get or receive any goods
What did The Massachusetts Government Act take away? The parliament took away the Massachusettts legislature
How did it affect the colonists? The colonists didn't have a say in what happened
What did the Administration of Justice Act do to trials involving british officers? The parliament had all of the trials of British officers held in En
How did it effect the colonists? The british officers would have an unfair advantage
What did the Quartering Actforce colonists to do? House and feed british soldiers
How did this affect the colonists? The British soldiers could come and trash a colonists home
When did the first continental congress occur? 1774
What did the leaders in Massachusetts do to start the first continental congress? The organized a meeting for representatives from each colony
What three things id they decide on at the meeting? they were not going to buy british goods, they made up a list of complaints against England, and they agreed to meet again if their complaints were not addressed
When did the second continental congress take place? 1775
What was likely to happen during the second continental congress? War, battles were already breaking put between the colonies and Britain
What did colonist support and about how many supported it? 1/3 supported a revolution or rebellion, 1/3 supported the British, and 1/3 was unsure or didn't care
When did the revolutionary war occur? 1775-1781
How did the outcome of the revolutionary war play out? The colonists wanted their freedom and ended up winning the battle
When did the declaration of independence take place? 1776
Created by: Meghan.Hogan


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