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Great Depression and New Deal

Name given to the area of the country devastated by drought and wind storms in the 1930's The Dust Bowl
He believed that the federal government should not take direct action to solve the economic crisis of the 1930's President Hoover
Shanty towns that were built in parks and abandoned lots were known as Hoovervilles
The collapse of the Stock Market led directly to Bank Failures
The unemployment rate peaked at this rate in the 1930's 25%
This banking reform helped to insure peoples deposits in the nation's banks FDIC
She gathered information for President Roosevelt, traveled, wrote, and attacked social problems Eleanor Roosevelt
This branch of government ruled many New Deal programs to be unconstitutional The Supreme Court
This group of voters left the Republican Party to support President Roosevelt during the 1930's African Americans
She became the Secretary of Labor and was the first woman to head an Executive office Frances Perkins
Many farmers impacted by the drought in the Midwest left their farms to look for work in this state California
Millions of Americans turned to this home appliance to escape from the realities of the Great Depression Radio
This group of former soldiers demanded that they be paid early for their service in WWI The Bonus Army
What were the three goals of the New Deal Relief, Recovery, and Reform
Buying stock on credit is known as Buying on Margin
He was a Priest with a popular radio show that was critical of the Roosevelt Administration Charles Coughlin
He was a retired physician that came up with a plan to help the elderly in America Francis Townsend
The former Governor of New York that suffered a polio attack and later became President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt
Senator and Governor of Louisiana that began the Share our Wealth Society. He was assassinated in 1935. Huey Long
She was a prominent African American activist and a member of Roosevelt's Black Cabinet Mary McLeod Bethune
This New Deal program helped to find work building trails in the National Parks for unemployed Americans Civilian Conservation Corps
This New Deal regulatory body was in charge of regulating Wall Street Security and Exchange Commission
This was the largest peace time jobs program in U.S. History Works Progress Administration
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