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Ancient China

what are five regions of Ancient China 1. Tibet 2. inner Mongolia 3. Guangxi 4. Ningxia 5. Xinjiang
Where did the first civilization begin in Ancient China The Zhou dynasty began to emerge near the yellow river.
What are two main rivers in China proper the Yangtze river and the yellow river.
Why is the yellow river refereed as China's sorrow because it flooded all the time and destroyed all there crops.
What factors allowed ancient china to say isolated for many years Because the rest of the world was deserts and they didn't want to travel along the desert
Why did Chinese infer there civilization to be the middle kingdom Because they developed the writing system.
Why did Chinese infer there civilization to be the middle kingdom The first family was the shang family
What are three accomplishments that of the shang dynasty 1. writing system. 2. writing system was used in empires. 3 writing system shared
What are three accomplishments that of the shang dynasty religious practice based on believe that deceased family members have a continued existence, that the spirits of deceased ancestors will look after the family.
what is ancestor worship they prayed for their deceased families and they believed that when they prayed for them they would move on
what philosophy did the Chou dynasty use to govern ancient china is a intellectual tradition of the Chinese culture from their early recorded history to the present day.
Witch dynasty was the great wall completed during the Qin dynasty
after witch dynasty was china named after the chin dynasty
What is Pax Sinica is means peace in china
what took place in Ancient china during Pax Sinica china enjoyed a 400 year period of peace and prosperity
What world religion was introduced in china during the Han Dynasty the practice and traditions during this dynasty
What made the Han dynasty unique among the dynasties of Ancient china the first time china was ruled by Mongols
Why did the Yuan dynasty fall because most of military died when they tried to take over japan
What is the Ming dynasty known for accomplishing improving ships and sailing skills building projects forbidden city
define philosophy a system for guiding life
what is naturalism nature is two-sided balance
what do Confucius and legalism have in common peaceful society
according to Confucius how can a peaceful society be created everyone mush accept a preformed role
according to legalism how can a society be created people will only cooperate with government is harsh to them
according to Daoism, how can can a peaceful society be created to understand and harmonize people
what was/is the silk road a trade route for silk
Created by: abigailhenderson
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