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Global Studies

Hinduism Major religion of India
Hindu A person who follows Hinduism
Reincarnation The belief that the soul of a person returns to live in a new body
Caste The belief that a person's position in life is determined by the group she or he is born into.
Hindi Official language of India
Taj Mahal World-famous white marble temple in India noted for its use of balance & symmetry
God Shiva (Destroyer)
Monsoons Seasonal winds that bring rain or hot, dry air.
Turban Wrapped fabric headdress worn by Indian men
Karma The belief that a person experiences the consequences of his/her own actions. (You reap what you sow)( actions in this life that affect the next)
Brahmins Priests
Kshatriyas Warriors
Vaishyas Commoners, Ordinary People (Landowners or Merchants)
Shudras Farmers, Laborers, servants
Vedas Most important texts of Hinduism
How many Castes in the Caste System Four
Sanskrit Written Language
Could not eat, marry, or socialize with anyone outside their caste Restrictions of the Caste system
God Brahma Creater
God Vishnu Preserver
Siddhartha Gautama Buddha Indian Prince (Founder of Buddhism)
Pariah "Harijans" Untouchables, Outcastes
Indus & Ganges Rivers in India
Harappa & Mohenjo-Daro Harappan Civilization Cities in the Indus River Valley (Had a Network of roads & advanced plumbing)
4 Noble Truths The four main teachings of the Buddhism religion
Himalayan & Hindu Kush Mountain ranges
Bolen & Khybar Steep passes allowing migrating & invading people to enter India
Dharma The religious & moral duties of individual
What are India's 2 main religions? Buddhism & Hinduism
Eightfold Path The Buddhist lists of "rights"
Stupa Large dome-shaped shrine that housed sacred remains of Buddha
Asoka Mauryan Emperor
Chandragupta Maurya Founder of the Mauryan Empire in India.
Mauryan Empire 1. founded by Chandragupta Maurya 2. Asoka: focused on the people, not war
Gupta Empire Important Indian dynasty that brought about a golden age in the development of the arts, sciences, and religion.
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