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Constitution and Elections

Article II of the Constitution establishes the Executive branch who job is to enforce the laws
Article II Section 1 of the Constitution established a compromise between the election of the president by a vote in Congress and the election of the president by popular vote. This compromise is known as the Electoral College
Essay: Identify the formula used to select the representatives for the Electoral College. number of representatives for a state plus the number of senators = the number of electors
Essay: In order for someone to take the oath of the president they must be: minimum of 35 yrs. old, resident of the U.S. 14 years, a natural born citizen.
The president's powers as Commander in Chief include the controlling of our military forces
President must deliver to Congress an annual address, this is known as the State of the Union Address
The candidate who currently holds office is known as the incumbent
Theses are Committees that provide financial support to certain candidates, they can be extremely influential and powerful Political Action Committes
This an independent agency of the executive branch, created to administer and enforce the statute that governs the financing of federal elections Federal Election Commission
This party is primarily concerned with social issues Democratic
This party is primarily concerned with economic issues Republican
Essay: Third parties can have a great deal of influence over an election. Explain how this is possible. single issue, siphon off votes, seldom win
This is a group of people who try to influence policy agendas and whose ultimatum goal is to run the government by getting their favorite candidates elected. Political party
These are the members of a political party rank and file
These people take an active role in politics, such as working at the polls, taking non-leadership roles. party regulars
These people are deeply concerned about party functions and have a strong belief in their party's ideology. party activists
These people place issues ahead of winning will withhold support from candidates who do not share their stance on issues. party purists
The term of office for the president is 4 years
How many terms may the president serve 2
To preserve the president's independence, Congress can neither raise nor lower the president's salary
Except in cases of impeachment, the Congress may not restrain the president's power to pardon
This party is primarily concerned with environment Green
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