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SS 4 Vocabulary

Social Studies Chapter 4 Vocabulary

Reconstruction the time during which the South was rebuilt after the Civil War
assassinate to murder a leader by sudden or secret attack
black codes laws limiting the rights of former slaves in the South
acquittal a verdict of not guilty
freedmen the men, women, and children who had once been slaves
sharecropping a system of working the land in which the worker was paid with a share of the crop
carpetbaggers a Northerner who moved to the South to take part in Reconstruction governments
scalawag a rascal; someone who supports something for his or her own gain
secret ballot a voting method in which no one knows how anyone else voted
segregation the practice of keeping people in separate groups based on race or culture
boom a time of fast economic growth
refinery a factory in which materials, especially, fuels, are cleaned and made into usable products
prospector a person who searches for gold, silver, and other mineral resources
bust a time of quick economic decline
homesteader person living on the land granted by the government
open range land in which animals can graze
reservation an area of land set aside by the government for use only by Native Americans
free enterprise an economic system in which people are able to start and run their own businesses with little control by the government
transcontinental railroad the railway line that crossed North America
entrepreneur a person who sets up and runs a business
petroleum oil
capital the money needed to set up or improve a business
human resource a worker who brings his or her own ideas and skills to a job
old immigration people who came from northern and western Europe before 1890 to settle in North America
new immigration people who came from southern and central Europe and other parts of the world after 1890 to settle in North America
advertisement a public announcement that tells people about a product or opportunity
prejudice an unfair feeling of hate or dislike for members of a certain group because of their background, race, or religion
regulation a rule or order
long drive a trip made by ranchers to lead cattle to market or the rairoads
tenement a poorly built apartment building
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