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Wiltja Humanities


notorious Famous for being a bad person or influence. Infamous.
Caribbean A group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean between North and South America.
especially Something that is more important over other things.
cultivated Made in a certain way.
premier The most important thing or person.
succession A series of things that occur, one after the other, over a period of time.
providence Guidance and care provided by a deity, like God. 'New __________' is an Island in the Caribbean.
eventually Something to be done at a later time.
frigate A fast naval vessel
Portuguese Something belonging to or descending from the country of Portugal.
amnesty An official pardon for a group of people who have broken a law.
enormous Something or someone very large.
acquired To get or to come into control of something.
reputation A good or bad idea held by the public about something or someone
cruelty To treat someone badly.
settlements Small communities that are started in a new place.
notoriety Having ill fame. Being well-known for a disgraceful reason.
valuables Things that are owned that are worth a lot of money such as jewellery, etc.
resistance The refusal to give in to anyone or anything. Fighting against a greater power or authority.
slightest Very small. Not serious or important.
deserted Left behind by someone or something. Left for dead. Forsaken.
headquarters A central office or base for a commander, especially military. HQ.
magistrate A government official who enforces the law. A judge.
received To have gotten something from someone.
unofficial Not recorded as official or done lawfully.
decapitated To be killed by having the head cut off.
romanticised A past event thought of in a way where someone thinks of it as being better than what it really was.
contemporary Current, present, modern. From the same time.
bandoliers A broad belt worn over one shoulder and across the chest, with pockets for carrying ammunition.
documentaries Movies, television or radio programs that provide a factual record or report.
Created by: Mr_M_Morrison
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