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SS: Pre Columbia

Pre-Columbia Vocabulary

ballgame Played at the ceremonial center. Two teams played against each other using a heavy rubber ball, wore protective clothing, and they would hit the ball with any other parts of their bodies except their hands and feet.
ceremonial center An area used for religious ceremonies by the ancient people of the Americas.
cultural borrowing Societies taking ideas from one group and using them as their own.
glyph Picture-symbols that represent objects, ideas and sounds.
theocracy Government ruled by a god or goddess.
aqueduct A system of bridges and canals used to carry water to a city.
irrigation Use of connected ditches, canals, or pipes to carry water to dry areas.
rainforest A forest with thick vegetation and tall trees that block the sunlight.
grassland Land with grass growing on it, good for farmland.
swamp Area of low, wet land with trees
city-state A city and its surrounding farmlands, with its own government and leaders.
pyramid A stone structure having a square base and triangular sides that come to a point at the top and used as a burial place for a dead ruler.
kings A male head of a royal family who rules a country for life.
priests A person who is authorized by a church to lead prayers and religious services.
warriors People who fight and conquer other lands/people
commoners Farmers, craft workers, and merchants who own property and managed businesses; they were NOT nobles.
maize Another name for corn.
Pachacuti Inca ruler who expanded the Inca Empire greatly.
Moctezuma (Montezuma) Aztec ruler.
Gulf of Mexico A gulf located south of the United States, east of Mexico, and west of Cuba.
Tikal Largest ancient Mayan city.
Yucatan Peninsula A body of land that separates the Gulf of Mexico from the Caribbean Sea
Chichen Itza An ancient Mayan city known for its pyramids.
Lake Texcoco A dry lake near Mexico City; an island in the lake was the site of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan.
Andes Mountains A mountain system in South America, extending along the western coast from Panama to Tierra del Fuego.
Amazon River The largest river in South America. Flows through the Amazon Rain Forest.
Tenochtitlan The capital of the ancient Aztec Empire; present-day Mexico City has been built on the ruins.
Maccu Piccu Incan city in the Andes Mountains of Peru.
Cuzco First Incan capital.
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