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Greece, Mali, Rome

SOL Grade 3 Review VA

What were the aqueducts used for in Rome? Carrying water from streams
The ancient Greeks used ______in the design of their buildings. The ancient Greeks used ______in the design of their buildings.
This well-known building in Washington,D.C. was influenced by the Greek design of architecture. Lincoln Memorial
The early Greeks voted to make their own rules and laws, this is called____. A direct democracy
The Greeks contributed one of the greatest sporting events still held today. What is it? The Olympics
This was a large amphitheatre built using arches. Colosseum
On a hill in Athens called Acropolis stands a famous Greek temple called the _______. Parthenon
This was the birthplace of democracy. Ancient Greece
This was a western region of Africa that was located near rivers and desert like conditions. Mali
Which Ancient empire contributed a university library containing Greek and Roman books? Empire of Mali
He became king and founded the Empire of Mali. Mansa Musa
_____was a famous ruler of Mali who led a caravan of gold across the Sahara. Mansa Musa
This is a natural resource used to preserve food. salt
______ is a peninsula and has many islands of hills, small mountains, and rocky soil. Greece
Today’s Olympics, that occur every four years, are modeled after those that began in ______. Greece
Created by: Tspelsberg