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Westward Expansion

Boom and Bust From boomtown to ghost town
Open Range vast area of grassland owned by the GOVERNMENT
Chisholm Trail Route to Abilene, Kansas cowboys drove nearly 1.5 million cattle to this trail, loaded on railroad and shipped east
barbed Wire At first it was a threat, then evolved to keep out people who weren't welcome, and keep animals in
The "West" Great Plains Region westward to rocky mountains 100th Mediterranean (line)
Homestead Act Supported settlement in Great Plains 160 Acres and improve then land for 5 years
Sodbusters People who plowed soil on Great Plains
Closing the Frontier Barb wire fences turn the wide open west into plots of homesteads.
Oklahoma April 22nd, 1889, one last large territory for settlement
Plain Indians Lived and extended from networks , closely tied to nature
Crazy Horse Native American war chief he lured troops to deadly traps but was eventually captured.
Battle of Little Bighorn General George A. Custer attacked the Natives with 225 men. Custer and all of his men were killed.
George A. Custer Lieutenant Colonel, commander of the seventh cavalry, custer underestimated the fighting capability of lakota and Cheyenne
Chief Joseph Lead Nez Perce
Wounded Knee Native Americans resisted authority in 1890, The Native Americans were planning to surrender but the U.S. army open fired and killed 300 natives.
Ghost Dance Ritual that celebrates a day for hope. Native Americans believed the settlers would disappear, buffalo return, and native Americans would reunite with dead ancestors
Assimilate To be absorbed
Dawes Act Land given to native Americans for the purpose of farming. 1887 allowed each household 160 acres
Vaqueros Mexican cowhands developed tools and techniques for rounding and driving cattle, they taught Americans their trade and enriched the English vocabulary .
Pioneers Brave people who took a chance and moved far from their homes seeking a better life.
Transcontinental Railroad Connected the United states from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
Barbed wire Eventually closed the great plains it was designed to keep cattle in or out.
Populist Party Formed in 1891 they wanted better working conditions for farmers and other workers. They also wanted an 8 hour work day.
Geronimo An Apache leader who resisted United States control.
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