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Social Studies Reconstruction 1865-77

Ku Klux Klan was an organization that used violence to intimidate blacks and take away their rights.
Freedman’s Bureau The organization that was set up to HELP African Americans that were newly freed. This federal agency helped former slaves by providing food, clothing, education and healthcare
15th Amendment insured the right to vote to all males no matter what race
impeach means to bring charges against a public official which sometimes leads to removal from office
13th Amendment abolished slavery
14th Amendment granted citizenship to US born regardless of race
assassination The murder of a public figure, usually for political reasons
carpetbagger A northerner who moved to the South during Reconstruction to make money off others’ misfortune
segregation The separation of people because of race. Jim Crow Laws made this legal.
sharecropping where former slaves and poor whites were allowed to farm a portion of the landowners’ land and were paid a portion of the crops
Reconstruction The twelve year period that followed the Civil War that focused on rebuilding and reuniting the country was known as
Black Codes A set of laws passed to restrict the rights of freedmen
scalawags southern whites who supported Reconstruction and the Republican Party, after the American Civil War
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