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New Deal Policies

Roosevelt's New Deal and Effectiveness

What was the Emergency Banking Act? Closed banks for 4 days
When was the Emergency Banking Act implemented? 9 March 1933
What did the Emergency Banking Act achieve? Restored confidence in banking system. 2/3 allowed to reopen
What three policies helped deal with the bankruptcies?
What did the AAA stand for? Agricultural Adjustment Administration
What did the AAA do? Put quotas, paid farmers to take fields out of production
What was the AAA trying to achieve? Stop overproduction and raise prices
What was the NRA? National Recovery Administration
What did the NRA do? Businesses joined a roll of honour, promised to cut production and give good wages
How many firms/employees joined the NRA? 2.5m firms employing 22m people
How much diA?d farmers get from the AA $1.5b collectively by 1936
Partly due to the AAA, how much did prices increase by between 1932 and 36? What else is to blame for this? 50% The Dust Bowl
How many suffered from AAA policies? 1.5 million people
What did FERA stand for? Federal Emergency Relief Administration
What did FERA do? Provided funding to organise payments to unemployed/homeless
When was FERA founded? May 1933
"FERA established the...." (J Hopkins) "...doctrine that adequate public relief was a right that citizens in need could expect to received from their government"
Successes for FERA: 20m people employed in public projects
CCC- what did it stand for? Civilian Conservation Corps
Who did the CCC employ? 2.5m unemployed young men
What did NIRA stand for? National Industrial Recovery Act
When was NIRA formed and under what? June 16, 1933 under the National Recovery Administration.
Created by: Poofloof
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