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Triple Alliance military alliance between Germany,Austria-Hungary,and Italy
Triple Entente military alliance between Great Britain,France,and Russia
Militarism policy of glorifying military power and keeping an army prepared for war
Alliances (friendship) group that protects each other or forms a bigger threat
Imperialism when strong nations attempt to take over other colonies
Nationalism loyal to the nation preferably people who share the same culture and history(ex:black hand-"unity or death")
when the black hand(Serbian) shot the royal couple of Austria-Hungary(Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Sophia) Immediate cause
The Great War other name for WW1
Allies Great Britain, France Russia,Italy
Central powers Germany,Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire
poison gas,tank,machine guns,submarines,flame throwers,airplane,grenade launcher, weapons
Schlieffen Plan Germany's plan to attack and defeat France in the west and then rush east to fight Russia (90% to France and 10% on teh eastern border
Trench warfare a type of combat in which opposing troops fight from trenches facing each other.
"No man's land" Space between the opposing trenches ; open area to machine gun fire
Battle of Verdun Germans launch massive attack on the French both sides lost more than 300,000 (Germans gain 4 miles)
Unrestricted submarine warfare Germany plan to kill anything on their waters : May 7,1915-German sub. sink the Lusitania (128 U.S. citizens died) America enters war
Kaiser William 2 Leader of Germany during WW1
Woodrow Wilson president of U.S. and author of 14 points
George Clemenceau French leader
Armistice Temporary truce November 11,1918
Treaty of Versailles ended WW1 responsible for WW2
BRAT: B-Germany blamed for start of war R-had to pay over $33 billion reparations(fines) A-can't have army over 100,000 men(no subs or air force) T- loss territories and colonies war guilt clause
1.end secret treaties 2.freedom of the seas 3. free trade 4.reduce armies/navies 5. adjust colonial claims 6-13.changing border,creating new nations 14. league of Nations Fourteen points
League of Nation `group of countries with the goal of setting disputes through negotiation rather than war
Zimmerman telegraph February 1917,telegraph to Mexico to join war against U.S.
Balkan Peninsula
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