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DU PA GYN Hrmn Study

Duke PA GYN Hormone Studies

FSH is secreted in a __ manner Pulsatile
Estrogen has a __ feedback on FSH Negative
How do the ovaries respond to FSH Produce estradiol
LH stimulates __ Ovulation
Levels of FSH are __ in primary gonadal failure (castration, alcoholism) Elevated
Levels of FSH are __ with secondary gonadal failure (stress, malnutrition/anorexia, severe illness, hyperprolactemia, pregnancy) Low
How is FSH measured in the urine 24 hour collection
LH is secreted in a __ manner Pulsatile
LH stimulates __ Follicular production of estrogen, ovulation and formation of corpus luteum
LH levels are __ with gonadal failure, precocious puberty, pituitary adenoma, menopause, PCOS Elevated
LH levels are __ with pituitary failure, hypothalamic failure, severe stress, anorexia, malnutrition, severe illness, pregnancy, hemochromatosis, sickle cell anemia, hyperprolactemia Low
Estrogen has a __ feedback on LH release Negative
LH surge indicates __ Ovulation
What is required to stimulate ovulation LH
What is the best time to obtain single specimen to determine LH level 11am-3pm
Physiologically most important type of estrogen Estradiol
What is the major estrogen present in pregnancy Estriol
Corpus luteum produces __ after ovulation Progesterone
What produces progesterone in pregnancy Progesterone
What effect does progesterone have on the endometrium Induces glandular secretion
When are progesterone levels decreased Preeclampsia, threatened abortion, placental failure, fetal demise, ovarian neoplasm, amenorrhea, ovarian hypofunction
Levels of progesterone rise rapidly after __ Ovulation
Levels of progesterone continue to rise for __ after ovulation then decrease after menses occurs 6-10 days
Estrogen causes __ of endometrial glands Proliferation
What are the three major estrogens Estradiol, estrone, estriol
Levels of estrogen are elevated with what Precocious puberty, ovarian tumor, adrenal tumor, gonadal tumor, normal pregnancy, cirrhosis, liver necrosis, hyperthyroidism
Levels of estrogen are low with what Failing pregnancy, turner’s syndrome, hypopituitarism, hypogonadism, stein-leventhal syndrome, menopause, anorexia
Estrogen has a negative feedback on __ LH and FSH
How is day one of the menstrual cycle determined First day of menses
Estrogens are catabolized by the __ Liver
What is the major estrogen circulating during menopause Estrone
What is the estrogen produced in the placenta, and is an index of fetal well-being Estriol
How can estrogen be measured in the lab Serum, urine, salivary
Which estrogen is measured to determine menstrual and fertility problems, menopause status, and sexual maturity Estradiol
Which estrogen is measured in serial studies in pregnancy beginning 28-30 weeks gestation Estriol
When a woman stops having periods what is the first thing to check Pregnancy
Why would you perform a testosterone assay Evaluate ambiguous sex characteristics, precocious puberty, female virilization syndromes, tumor markers, hirsutism, male infertility/hypogonadism, monitor antiandrogen treatment
What role does FSH play in the menstrual cycle Promotes maturation of germinal follicle, causing estrogen secretion and allowing ovum to mature (follicular phase)
Increase in FSH begins approximately __ days before onset of menstruation and is necessary for follicle/ovum formation 2
In a state of estrogen deficiency, __ FSH is secreted More
Plasma LH surge proceeds ovulation by __ 24-36 hours
LH surges by day__ of normal 28 day cycle 11-13
What happens to FSH and LH during luteal phase They are suppressed to low levels
Progesterone initiates the __ phase in the endometrium Secretory
What happens to progesterone if fertilization and implantation do not occur Production diminishes rapidly
Corpus luteum has a lifespan of __ days unless pregnancy occurs 13-14
Stimulation test done to evaluate the hypothalamic pituitary gonadal axis Progesterone withdrawal test
What situations cause a surge in prolactin Breast stimulation, pregnancy, nursing, stress, exercise, sleep
Levels of prolactin are elevated in what pathologic disorders Pituitary adenomas, secondary amenorrhea, galactorrhea, hypothyroidism, PCOS, anorexia, paraneoplastic syndromes, disease of hypothalamus and pituitary stalk, renal failure
Levels of prolactin should be measured __ hours after waking 3-4
__ have a higher baseline level of prolactin Pregnant women
When do prolactin levels naturally rise Late in pregnancy, initiation of lactation, every time the infant suckles
Concentration of hCG are typically lower in __ Ectopic pregnancies
__ is unique to the developing placenta and some tumors hCG
Monoclonal antibodies can detect very small levels of hCG __ after conception 3-7 days
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