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Chapter 12

Empires in east Asia test

What was the Sui dynasty's greatest accomplishment? The completion of the Grand canal.
What was the Grand Canal used for? It was a route for trade between the northern and southern cities of the Chang delta.
How long did the Tang dynasty rule? They ruled for 300 years.
Who was the first female to take the tittle of emperor? It was Wu Zhao.
Who defeated China in 751? The Muslim armies.
What happened in 907 with the Chinese rebellions? They burned the capital and murdered the last Tang emperor who was a child.
What happened after the Tang dynasty's fall? Rival warlords separated into kingdom.
Who was Taizu? He was the first Song emperor.
What were five of the technological advances? Mechanical clock paper gunpowder movable block printer magnetic compass
Why was China being able to produce more food important? China's population was growing so hey needed more food.
What were the level of Chinese society? The upperclassmen called the gentry was made up of scholar officials and their families,below them were shopkeeper,merchants and other. At the bottom was the slaves,soldiers and laborers.
What were the threats/disadvantages of Japan's geography?Why? They couldn't farm since the land was mountainous and there were typhoons,earthquakes and tidal waves.
What was their religion named and what does it mean? Their religion was called Shinto and it means "way of the gods".
What was their religion based off of? It was based off of their respect for nature and worshipping of their ancestors.
Who did they believe in and who was it ? They believed in Kami who was a divine spirit who lived in nature.
What happened to the countryside in the 11 century? It became more dangerous and lawless.
What did small landowners do and why? They exchanged their land to warlords so they could get protection.
Who were the samurai warriors and what does the word mean? The samurai were loyal bodyguards. Samurai means "one who serves".
How were they expected to be? They were expected to recklessly courageous and generous among other things but dying an honorable death was more important than living a long life.
What was an important key to political power? Trade routes and harbors.
What was an architectural achievement of Southeast Asia/Korea and what was it used for? They built the temple complex call Angkor Wat and they used it to worship the Hindu God Vishnu and also use it as an Observitory.
How did the Srivijaya Kingdom grow wealthy? They taxed trade that crossed their seas.
What was Palembang? It was the capital of Srivijaya and became a center for Buddhist learning.
Who was the least influenced by Indians? The Vietnamese.
How were they more independent culturally and spiritly? The women had more freedom than Chinese.
Created by: 21pjuarez