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7th Grade

Unit 1: What is History?-Mrs. French

The study of the past History
A person who studies the past Historian
A period of 100 years Century
A period of 10 years Decade
The type of calendar used by most countries in the present day Gregorian Calendar
What does BC stand for? Before Christ
What does BCE stand for? Before Common Era
What does AD stand for? Anno Domini-in the year of our lord
What does CE stand for? Common Era
Why do some present day countries choose to use BCE/CE over BC/AD when describing time periods? Not all countries follow the faith based on BC/AD
How do BC/BCE and AD/CE differ when placed on a timeline? BC/BCE counts back from zero while AD/CE counts up from 0
What is an era or age? A special time period in history
Give an example of an era/age Ice Age, Civil War Era, Stone Age, Medieval Era
What is an artifact? An object made by a human being, typically an item of cultural or historical interest.
What is an archaeologist? A scientist who studies human history by digging up human remains and artifacts
What do you call a graphic representation of the passage of time? Timeline
What does it mean to corroborate in history? To support or help prove (a statement, theory, etc.) by providing information or evidence.
What do you call history before there was written language? Prehistory
What is Eurasia? Europe and Asia considered together as one continent
What is Afroeurasia? The largest landmass on Earth most commonly known since the Age of Discovery as the Old World and is compromise of what we know today as Europe, Asia and Africa.
What are primary sources? The original records created by firsthand witnesses of an event.
What are secondary sources? Documents, texts, images, and objects about an event created later than the event happened and by someone who typically references the event's primary sources for their information.
Give an example of a secondary source. Textbook
Give an example of a primary source. Native American clothing
What is an oral tradition? Traditions passed down from one generation to the next by word of mouth.
What is the difference between prehistory and history? Prehistory was before written languages and based on only artifacts and fossil findings, but once a civilization started to use a written language to write down traditions history was developed.
Why might historians not ever really know what artifacts such as cave paintings meant during the prehistory era? Without a written language or written records they can never know for sure if the interpretations are correct.
Created by: comstockpark