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Mrs t's 4.1 and 4.2

Shays rebellion, unable to collect taxes, and states printing their own money caused the US constitution to be written
Which law passed under the articles of confederation allowed for the creation of new states and expansion of the US Northwest ordinance
The Declaration of Independence promoted the idea of Unalienable rights
What did the text of the northwest ordinance establish as the way American Indians were to be treated in the Northwest Territories They were to have their property, rights, and liberty forever granted to them
Why did the articles of confederation fail to provide for a national government strong enough to accomplish its goals After their experience under British rule, its authors feared a strong central government
The northwest ordinance of 1787 was important because it Provided a process for admission of new states to the union
The absence of what best describes a weakness of the national government under the articles of confederation Revenue stream
The constitutional convention of 1787 was called primarily because The national government needed additional power
The three-fifths compromise concerned what Counting of slaves for determining representation and taxation
James Madison and some of his fellow federalist brought a plan before the constitutional convention. The plan proposed a strong bicameral, or two chambered legislature, and was known as the Virginia plan
The northwest ordinance of 1787 was passed by congress to outline government for the Northwest Territory, the land north of the Ohio river and west of the Mississippi River. It also provided for ? and prohibited ? in the territories Public education, and slavery
At the constitutional convention, William Paterson brought the New Jersey plan to the floor. The New Jersey plan proposed to Form a government with a single legislative body
The desires of small and large states were accomplished, and the legislature would be composed of two houses is part of what plan The great compromise
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